Signature Series

The Pelonis Signature Series is a line of critical listening high fidelity monitors. The latest addition to the line is the already critically acclaimed Model 42. Holding true to the purist approach, the active, bi-amlified system is controled and powered externally by 4-100 watt amplifiers and state of the art 96K DSP. Additionally, the end userhas acces to 5 bands of parametric EQ including the option for shelving on the 1st and 5th band. All is housed neatly in a1 RU chassis. In the Model 42 range, you can grow your system from stereo to a variety of multi-channel configuration. The subwoofer is powered by controller by the Model 42LF 1RU. In 3.1, 5.1 and 7.1 systems, the Model 42CS(Center/Sub) takes care of the Center and .1 channels.

Stepping up the ladder to the PSS110P. This system is based on a custom 10" Tannoy driver and is boasts one of the most elaborate passive crossovers ever. As with all Chris pelonis Signature Speakers, the system is complete with carefully matched amplification. Amplifiers range from 2 to 6 channel by 400 watts (800 into 4 ohms for subwoofer) allowing for true audio file experience on any level. The PSS12LF is a high excursion "sub woofer" based around a 2" throw 12 " driver in a sealed cabinet. It is perfectly matched to the PSS110P system. The PSS110P system is at homeeither free standing of soffit mounted and gives a true main monitor experience in a small, affordable package.

The Big Boys in the Pelonis range consistes of the PSS115, PSS215A and the PSS215AW. These are large monitors you can trust. Not only do they provide incredible dynamic range but also the accuracy and detail is unsurpassed. No hype here, just the whole, true picture. These sytems are personlly voiced by Chris pelonis onsite to assure an optimumized, personal match for each environment and listner.

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What People Are Saying

"I've tried several small monitors in an effort to have that represented in my set up, but The Model 42 far away exceeded all the others I've tried.  Everyone in my team was immediately impressed with them and they've made life in the studio easier."

Tony Maserati


"I was looking for detail and clarity; for reality, as opposed to 'pretty tonal colors'.   I found it in this speaker."

Jeff Bridges


"I'd been in a bit of a speaker quandary until recently. I didn't seem to be getting enough accuracy on the low end out of my mid-fields and enough revealing detail for vocal levels etc. on my small speakers. We'd had Chris's mains installed into the new studio since building the place but for one reason or another they had never been correctly setup (no fault of Chris's, just negligence on my part). I explained my dilemma to Chris and he insisted that I get over my recent "aversion" to mains (don't know why I even had one) and that he would come up, install a new crossover and spend the time with me aligning them for the room. Well by the end of the weekend everything had changed, I was in love with the mains again and all of the problems I'd been having with low end definition and detail had dissolved! I was re-discovering how much fun it was to mix in this control room (that Chris built) again but with a great deal more confidence knowing that was I was hearing was what I was getting…
Then…..He pulled out the Model 42's and said take a listen to these things…After hearing them for 10 minutes all I could do was laugh…It was simply absurd that something so small could produce such a massive sound. My only question to him was "what are these supposed to be?". "You can't really call them mini's when they sound bigger (and more accurate) than many of the so-called "mid-fields" I've owned"….Then I plugged in my sub to give a little more weight to the bottom end and it was just…well…silly…
Welcome to a new paradigm in speaker design and critical monitoring setups I guess…Everything has been turned on it's head for me but I'm very happy for it."

Sean Beresford


"It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while I encounter a studio near-field reference monitor that really gets me jazzed about listening. A relative newcomer, the Pelonis Sound Model 42 is ready to make its mark in control rooms everywhere."

George Petersen Mix Magazine