Partial Client List

Skywalker Sound -- Chris Boyes' new room at Skywalker Ranch designed specifically for sound design for the blockbuster film, Titanic, for which he received an Oscar for Best Sound Effects at the recent Academy Awards.

Future Disk -- Considered by many to be one of the top mastering facilities in the world, mastering such artists as Madonna, Tom Petty, Hootie and the Blowfish and Pearl Jam, to name just a few.

Jeff Bridges -- Actor/songwriter. Chris designed a screening room/ recording studio in the actor's home. He also facilitated the equipment design.

David Kirshenbaum -- Award winning record and sound track producer, including the soundtrack to "Robin Hood" and artists such as Tracy Chapman, Joe Jackson, Kenny Loggins. Pelonis designed and consulted on both the equipment and acoustics.

Glen Phillips -- Singer/songwriter for Toad the Wet Sprocket. Personal studio from ground up.

Disney - Disney Character Voices -- Voice-over facility in Burbank. Also designed 3 post production suites for Disney, Burbank and a mixing room for Disney, Orlando.

Scream Studios -- Randy Alpert -- Chris re-designed the control room. Over the years, clients include-Hootie and the BlowFish, Jewel, Tracey Chapman, Nirvana. In 2001, Ozzy Osbourne, U2, Alanis Morissette,Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, and Paul McCartney have kept Scream Busy. This is one of the most sought-after rock mixing rooms in LA!

3rd Eye Blind -- Platinum record group from the San Fransisco--Private recording studio

La Casa Studios -- Used for production for label - Surco Records (affiliate of Universal). Molotov album produced by Surco was nominated for a Grammy this year . They're also up for a Grammy for producing Cafe Tacuba (on Warner Bros). The tracking room in this facility, in particular, is very impressive and is receiving rave reviews all over LA.

Jack White Productions -- Production studio for producer, Jack White and wife Katey Segal. Also designed for developing Katey's music for a new TV sitcom on CBS and for her new album.

John Bryan -- A major producer/studio musician who has worked with the Wall Flowers, Fiona Apple, as well as many other great talents. Ethan Johns (father is Glin Johns who is a legendary engineer who worked with many superstars such as Led Zepplin, the Rolling Stones and The Beatles) is producing a new album together with John Brian in a new studio that Chris designed in a basement with only 7' ceilings. Chris is well known for being able to combat and acoustically overcome small, confined spaces.

Another Large Production -- post production facility in LA. Full service entertainment marketing firm for trailers and television promotion on-air and print. Current projects: Martha Stewart Living, Sinbad's late night talk show "Vibe" produced by Quincy Jones.

Interlock Studios -- Post Production facility completed in 1997. Designed dubbing stage and foley room. Developed and designed waveless water pit (an original Pelonis' design) so that it sounds like a larger body of water by eliminating returning water from perimeter.

Steve Wood -- Studio for the producer/artist. Steve has produced many IMAX soundtracks. Also founded group Honk (huge surf band in 70's). Steve was musical director and keyboard player for 20 years for Kenny Loggins.

Brad Fiedel -- Film composer for such movies as Terminator I and Terminator II. Designed personal recording facility.

Vivendi Unerversal Interactive Publishing -- leading interactive educational software developer. Designed 6000sq.ft. facility in El Segudo including 3 audio control rooms, 2 sound design rooms and 2 video editing rooms audio/video facility for interactive CD Rom production. Other facilities of this type designed by Pelonis include Visual Concepts, Interplay, and Digital Manga.

Rick Alen -- Drummer for Def Leppard. Designed private recording room.

Christopher Cross -- Complete new personal studio converted from guest house in 1997.

Audio Mechanics -- Mastering and restoration facility. Audio Mechanics was used for the famous "911" tapes in the O.J. Simpson trial.

Big Bang Studios in northern California -- Beautifully situated on ten acres in the redwoods of Humbolt County stands this unique recording facility.

DNA Mastering -- Designed two new room for mastering engineer, Dave Donnelly. Donnelly was head of Recording for Geffen Records for nine years. He is a recording and mastering engineer, as well as a producer. Current projects include Shawn Colvin, Patty Austin, Aerosmith, Southhampton Titanic Soundtrack single, She Moves, Cher, Chicago.

Geffen Records -- Designed mastering facility.

Kenny Loggins -- Consulting and acoustical redesign of existing personal studio.

Ben Margules -- Producer/songwriter of Maria Carey fame. Pelonis designed a control room in the Margules home and a stand alone facility, which includes two tracking rooms and a control room to be used for his own productions.

Don Davis -- Film composer/arranger "Titanic" film score, composer of film score for "The Matrix." Designed private recording facility.

John Larson -- Popular jazz pianist. Recording facility in Chicago.

Vineyard Music -- Christian music label -- 5000+ sq. foot recording facility in Orange County.

Bob Kingsley -- largest syndicated radio show for country music - "American Country Countdown". Recently inducted into the Disc Jockey's Hall of Fame. Designed production facility in the Dallas area.

Critical Listening Room for HDCD -- Pacific Microsonics in San Francisco.

Another Large Production -- Designed a second post production suite.

On The Path -- Alan Koslowski's intimate new center for art, music & spirituality in Santa Monica, California.

The latest project is a new record label formed with friends and partners Michael McDonald and Jeff Bridges. First releases were successfully launched in October 1999.

Endorsements and References

"Chris Pelonis built my studio here at Skywalker Sound as well as outfitting it with new gear. This took place just at the outset of Sound Design for Titanic for which I was honored with an Academy Award. I consider what Chris Pelonis did for me a big part of the success I've enjoyed since my room was built."

Christopher Boyes
Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer

Credits include: Jurassic Park and Lost World (as well as the upcoming JP3), Dinosaur, Titanic, Armageddon, Space Cowboy, The upcoming Pearl Harbor and Lord of the Rings, to name a few.


"It is my pleasure to unconditionally recommend Pelonis Sound to anyone for the design of professional audio facilities. Pelonis Sound has enabled my studio to reap profits far beyond its cost. Interacting with Chris was a true pleasure, and his extreme professionalism was indispensable, from the initial project drawings and specifications, through the construction process, and beyond the final set-up and trouble-shooting of the finished studio. Chris Pelonis is without peer in the acoustical design field."

Don Davis
Film Composer and Hacienda Studio owner

Film scores recorded and/or mixed at Hacienda Studio, designed by Pelonis Sound:

The Matrix, Warner Brothers

House on Haunted Hill, Warner Brothers

Universal Soldier: The Return, Sony Entertainment

Race Against Time, TNT

Fear of Flying, Trimark Productions

Alaska Love, CBS

Hell Swarm, UPN

Freedom, Warner Brothers Television


"Chris has the ability to get to root of the problem or project and cut through the B. S! He has "rescued" projects that other prominent companies have attempted to take on. He runs an honest and direct to the point business and takes 1st rate care of his customers. I have the highest regard for his abilities and integrity."

Steve Hall
Future Disc Systems


"We've provided sound design and mixing for every television network and all of the major cable networks. The work that Chris Pelonis does through his company is the best blend of aesthetic appeal and comfort without sacrificing maximum acoustic integrity. This made him our top choice to build the main mix room at our Hollywood facility. Chris has achieved a wonderful balance between the ergonomics and the acoustics, between the ambience and the functionality, and, most importantly, the client-wow-factor with the budget we had to work with."

Michael Perricone
CEO and Founder, Interlock Studios

Credits include the blockbuster "Jurassic Park", the animated "American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West" and the Independent Spirit Best Picture nominee "Sugar Town."


"What a dream come true!" That is how I can best express my feeling after hearing a mix from Bluestem Studios, on the radio. Your judgement in design and other specs that you assisted with were right on in each case. It is refreshing to walk out of the control room trusting that what I heard was indeed what I will hear when the product makes it to another environment.

Ken Halford
Producer/Chief Engineer

American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley

Bluestem Studios, Inc.

KCCS Productions, Inc.


"I found Chris's design ergonomic, practical, inspiring, superior acoustically and very cost efficient. He coordinated a team, including Jarrett Hedborg, a world-renowned interior designer, and me, as well as other audiovisual experts to come up with a very satisfying result. My studio was picked as one of the top designed studios of the year by Mix Magazine. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Jeff Bridges
Actor / Recording Artist


1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999 - Technical Excellence & Creativity Award nominee in the category of Outstanding Institutional Achievement.